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FERTISAT is a decision support tool assessing nitrogen requirements according to the yield potential of your plot, the season and wheater progress and your yield objectives.

FERTISAT was created from a simple observation: wheat, oil rapeseed, barley and sugarcane yields in Africa remain low and very variable from one season to another. Nitrogen represents a significant load which, optimized according to the real yield potential of each area of the plot, generates income gains.

The solution aims at increasing the production volume and quality of your plot while cutting nitrogen use, whether it is wheat, rapeseed, sugarcane, barley or alfalfa. On average, the solution allows a wheat farmer to produce 0.2 to 0.5 additional tons per hectare.


Manage your nitrogen

fertilization in 3 steps

1. Select your plot

2. Fill in your crop information

3. Get your advice and apply variable rate nitrogen


A simple service based on agronomic reference models



The FERTISAT Cereals+ offer includes :

  • Fertilization advice at tillering / 1st node stages to homogeneize your plot

  • Fertilization advice at full run/booting stage (DFE stage) to reinforce strong areas

The FERTISAT Sugarcane+ offer includes :

  • Fertilization advice from 1 to 5 months after sugarcane cutting or set-up

The FERTISAT OSR+ offer includes :

  • Fertilization advice on oilseed rape - stade depending on geographical locations

Some additional services are offered on an à la carte basis:

  • FERTISAT in UAV imaging for centimetric precision

  • Biomass map

  • Monitoring inspection

*The reception of the maps and information is done via email via our application
*The format of SOWIT advice is compatible with all GPS consoles